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We are convinced that you are not only interested in our special coffee beans, but above all the way up to then. For this reason, we have made it our goal to make the path from the growth of the bean to the finished cup of coffee as transparent as possible. We give you a comprehensive insight to the origins. Our coffee beans come from the northwest of Tanzania and are exclusively cultivated and plucked by the local population. In order to ensure a fair income and to increase your quality of life, we refer our coffee by direct trade, fair without seal. Two times a year we are on the local plantations and work hand in hand for the special quality of our coffee.

What does a coffee plantation look like? What steps does the preparation need and which people are actually behind it? All these questions about your coffee, we go on the following pages to the track and thus provide a deep insight into the world of coffee. In addition to unconditional transparency, we focus on social commitment!

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